Dr. John Rimmer,

Thanks seems a small word for the kindness and compassion you have shown all along the way with a scary situation.  You are a very special doctor and man.

Thank you,

Dear Dr. Rimmer,

The past thirteen months have been both difficult and wonderful.  You told me many very hard things but your kindness and gentleness made it possible for me to accept and deal with the cancer and treatment.  You have been there to encourage me every step of the way.  You made me face reality in October when I was trying to deny a new lump.  For all these things and more, you have my gratitude.

You told me that Stage 3 was just a number and that I could give up or not worry about it.  I have chosen to ignore the number as much as possible and live as though it was Stage 1.  I have told others that their numbers in cancer or end-stage renal failure refer to studies concerning thousands of people and don’t necessarily have anything to do with them, as some people defy the statistics.

Your office stag and most of the caregivers that I met have been wonderful.  Going for treatment, tests, and surgery has allowed me to meet many people who genuinely care about the patients.  It helps a lot when you are going through such a painful time.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and kindness.

Merry Christmas, Love,

Dear Dr. Rimmer,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.  Your calm compassionate approach made all of the difference.  I really appreciated all your calls too.  I believe you did an excellent job on my surgery and I am ready to tackle this foe.

Thanks again and keep up the good work – you truly have a gift.


Dr. Rimmer,

Just wanted to share a few thought…

Surgeons are the “TOP GUNS” of medicine and they know it.  They have a distinctive(well-deserved) swagger that drives patients crazy, because most remain so aloof.

You, on the other hand, are not only a great surgeon, but - were importantly, for patients – an extraordinary person.

You have No idea how much it means when you take the time to call someone at home after an operation.

In the mist of modern medicine’s HMO forced chaos, you’re like an oasis in the desert.  Your calming, gentle, and concerned demeanor elevates you head and shoulders above most of your peers.  Unfortunately, most doctors somehow forget their patients’ hearts while they’re fixing the rest of their body.

I truly feel blessed that our paths have crossed, and as I head into the final years of my life it is comforting to have your phone number in my book.


Dear Dr. Rimmer,

Just a note to say thank you for giving Mike a second change to experience life outside the hospital.  Because you were the voice of reason, he has had the opportunity to visit his friends & family and is now content with his decision to have additional surgery.  I never realized how much of a difference one person could make just by listening, but you did.  Yet, after reading the article on your waiting room wall about the twin brother and his off-handed comment, I realized that because you listen, you’ve made a difference in a lot of lives.

So, on behalf of the countless people that you’ve helped; but most importantly, Mike, thank you for all the second changes.