Dr. Rimmer,

Your personality and sense of humor show through your professional façade, which helps reduce patient anxiety and gives the patient comfort.  Equally important, is that you tell the what you are going to do, and what they are going to experience, before you do it.  When you say, “I’m going to pour something and it is going to feel hot” and it actually feels the way you described, it elevates the patients’ confidence that you know what you are doing.  This is any outstanding characteristic.  Equally important is that you have a gentle touch that helps you to “connect” with the patient.  A soft pat on the shoulder or back at the completion of the procedure helps personalize the doctor-patient experience.  It is comforting and is viewed very favorably from the recipients’ perspective.  Lastly, you come across as a “regular guy”, not some intellectual egghead with the people skills of an ant.  This facilitates a feeling that you are someone who is very competent and can be trusted.  The patient feels like he is a person, not just a body on a medical conveyor belt.  Bottom line, you get an “A+” and should view yourself as being within the top 2% relative to your peer group in professionalism and bedside manner.

Overall Experience: As expected, although the entire situation was a bit anxiety provoking, you and your staff made it a very tolerable experience.  I complement you for assembling a thoughtful, caring staff, which obviously shares you commitment to providing exceptional health care in a pleasant environment.  You run an “A+” practice.

Recommendations: In this section, I normally have a laundry list of things to be considered to improve the operation, its patient perception, or quality of care.  I am very pleased to say there is absolutely nothing I could recommend that would add any value to the way you run your practice or treat your patients.  You are truly a rare find in today’s medical profession.

Good Job!

Warmest personal regards,