Recently retired first grade teacher, Renee Drake, has always stayed on top of her health.  At 69 years old, she makes sure to eat right, exercise, and every year like clockwork, she makes an appointment for her annual mammogram.

Following her most recent mammogram, however, Renee did not receive the clean bill of health she is accustomed to. She underwent further testing, including an ultrasound and biopsy, before being told the shocking news that she had breast cancer. Fortunately, since it was caught early, it was extremely treatable.

Renee was referred to Dr. John Rimmer, a breast surgeon on the medical staff at Good Samaritan Medical Center.  Shortly after their initial consultation, Dr. Rimmer performed surgery to remove Renee’s tumor from her breast, while also utilizing a new treatment option now available at the hospital that is designed to reduce radiation exposure. Through intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), Renee was able to receive a one-time concentrated dose of radiation directly to the tumor bed during surgery, as opposed to the usual method, in which a larger part of the body receives radiation for a longer period of time – typically five days a week for up to six weeks.  

“This new technology is not only more convenient for patients, but may also result in less radiation exposure to nearby organs and tissues,” said Dr. Rimmer. “Renee was a perfect candidate for IORT, and she couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Just hours after surgery, Renee was discharged from the hospital, and merely three days later, she and her husband went out dancing to celebrate her new life – free of cancer.

“I think it’s important to have a positive attitude in life,” she shares. “When you think positively, you ultimately get better results. Cancer is not a death sentence, and it’s important to live life to the fullest every day and enjoy all the time you have on this earth. I know I am.”

Sincerely, Renee Drake, breast cancer/IORT patient, Good Samaritan Medical Center

Dear Dr. Rimmer

When the result of the biopsy at the Jupiter Women's Center was delivered to me confirming breast cancer, I, like so many other women in that position was shocked and confused. The doctor who performed the biopsy called my primary care physician requesting the necessary referral to Dr. John Rimmer. Although I was not familiar with your name that soon changed. From then on, my husband George and I heard so many admiring comments about you that George said; "Dr. Rimmer is either truly outstanding, or he has a fantastic public relations firm".

You were on vacation and my appointment was set by your office three weeks ahead. That would have been a torturous wait had I not been assured repeatedly that "Dr. Rimmer is the best".

At my first appointment you instilled immediate confidence in both George and me. The morning of the surgery I entered the operating room singing Let's Get This Party Started. I woke after surgery to your gentle explanation that the surgery was more extensive then originally planned. Pathology required more tissue and nodes be removed. I knew that you did what was best for me and thankful to have that awful stuff out of my body.

After 4 hours of surgery and rest in post-op I comfortably went home the same day as you knew I would be able. The next day I resumed seeing students in my private voice studio and have maintained my regular schedule of over 30 students per week since.

The incisions are clean and neat. Though not a concern, I was amazed to see that the areas you operated on show no signs of internal tissue removal. The breast you operated on matches the healthy breast and both are symmetrical (as much as a woman my age can expect). I still don't know how you managed that. I have been in contact with many women who have had similar surgery by other surgeons. They are shocked to know that there was neither a post-op drain or dressing to change, and the after surgery pain was minimal.

Please thank your exceptional staff for me for their sensitivity and professionalism and most of all, thank you. George and I agree that you have earned and deserve the reputation of "truly outstanding' and "the best'!

Beyond compliments and accolades you deserve the prayers of all of us who have now and will benefit in the future from you healing hands, heart and spirit.

George and I hold you in our daily prayers of appreciation and gratitude. You are one of God's blessings and I will always sing your praises.


A Wonderful Combination - "KNOWLEDGE & A BEDSIDE MANNER"

No one wants to hear that they have cancer, however, once you collect your thoughts and emotions, you must deal with the inevitable.

Dr. Rimmer and his caring staff made a difficult situation as easy as possible. Dr. Rimmer speaks to you in terms that you can understand and answers all your questions to your satisfaction.

As a surgeon, he is skillful and considerate, not only of your needs, but the needs of those who care about you enough to be by your side.

Thank you Dr. Rimmer and your entire staff for all that you have done for me, and for all those who have needed you at such a critical time in their lives.

C & BB family
Phoenixville, PA,

To: Jupiter Outpatient Surgery Center and Staff

I recently had two hernia repairs performed by Dr. Rimmer and am writing a brief note of commendation.

I am a local Real Estate business owner whose time is valuable.  Dr. Rimmer accommodated my schedule and listened carefully and compassionately to my concerns.  I have never encountered such professionalism.  The consensus is he is also a brilliant surgeon.

Thanks to all at the Jupiter Outpatient Surgery stag who made an imminent surgery and recovery as pleasant as possible.  Once again, these professionals went above the call of duty.

Hopefully, this memo will be forwarded to all associated with Dr. Rimmer and the staff at the Jupiter Outpatient Surgery Center.