Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) is a therapeutic approach towards the treatment of breast cancer that has been gaining some popularity lately. If you’ve been diagnosed with the condition or you’re researching treatment options for a loved one, IORT is one of the possibilities you should definitely consider.

IORT Breast Cancer Treatment in Wellington: What is it?

IORT is still considered a relatively new technology for the treatment of breast cancer. Luckily, Dr. John Rimmer has experience in the field and is capable of giving Wellington patients access to such innovative solutions.

While breast cancer operations are taking place, the surgeon also gives a single dose of radiation therapy to the affected area. Thus, it’s a two-in-one approach aimed at increasing the patient’s survival rate after the treatment.

Benefits of IORT

There are several reasons why surgeons may recommend the use of radiation alongside the surgery. For a start, radiation is concentrated and given in a smaller dose this way. Thus, the patient could be spared from some of the negative consequences linked to standard radiation therapy.

Through IORT, nearby organs and healthy tissues are spared from the effect of the radiation. It can be targeted solely at the malignancy.

External beam radiotherapy tends to be more expensive and much less convenient for the patient. When standard radiation therapy is applied, a person will have to undergo the procedure for anywhere between five days and six weeks. Needless to say, such a treatment will be troublesome, physically and emotionally-draining.

Are You a Good Candidate for IORT Breast Cancer Treatment in Wellington?

Having a consultation with a surgeon who has sufficient experience in intraoperative radiation therapy will give you all of the answers required to make a decision about the treatment option. Dr. Rimmer is one such surgeon.

According to medical journal guides, IORT will provide the most benefit to patients who are over the age of 50 and who are diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer (that hasn’t spread to nearby tissues yet).

When you meet with Dr. Rimmer for the first time, you’ll provide a full account of your medical history, the diagnostic process and the treatment that you’ve gone through so far. Based on this information. Dr. Rimmer will determine whether IORT is optimal for you.

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