In the period from 1989 to 2012, breast cancer death rates went down by 36 percent in the US. This means that the lives of 249,000 women have been saved over the period. Higher levels of awareness and advancements in breast cancer screening are two of the most prominent causes of the decline.

Every woman deserves the most advanced breast cancer screening in South Florida. Having access to innovative diagnostic tools is simply a matter of choosing the right physician and clinic for such procedures.

Breast Cancer Screening: An Overview

According to the American Cancer Society, women should start getting annual screening at the age of 45, unless they have risk factors like family history. Women 55 and older can transition to biennial examination and women aged 75 or older should talk to their physician and figure out whether they still need to get screened.

A few of the risk factors that will necessitate more frequent breast cancer screening include the following:

•    Family history of breast cancer, having a mom or a grandma with such a diagnosis
•    Genetic mutations that increase the risk (these can be identified via a diagnostic test)
•    A personal history of breast cancer in the past
•    A personal history of benign breast disease
•    Reproductive history (age at which a woman became sexually active, number of children, whether a woman has breastfed, etc.)
•    Hormone therapy and menopause history
•    Height and body mass index (BMI) considerations

Choosing the Most Advanced Breast Cancer Screening in South Florida

Whether you’ve reached the recommended age or you have one or more of the risk factors, it’s very important to choose the right clinic that will give you access to the most advanced breast cancer screening in South Florida.

The practice of Dr. John Rimmer, for example, makes it possible for patients to benefit from a wide array of diagnostic approaches – digital mammograms, ultrasounds, 3D mammograms, genetic screening, breast PET mammography, breast MRIs and various others.

Don’t hesitate to call 561-748-1242, inquire about the possibilities or schedule your first appointment. Dr. Rimmer is an acknowledged expert in the field who’ll be meticulous about getting acquainted with your history and offering the most adequate treatment plan.