Medicine is evolving all the time, which is excellent news for breast cancer sufferers. Due to advancements in the field, the five-year survival rate after the treatment of localized breast cancer has gone up to 99 percent!

If you’ve just been given the diagnosis, chances are that you’re currently researching treatment options and you’re also attempting to find the best surgeon. The following article will acquaint you with hidden scar breast cancer treatments and how to choose the best physician for such a procedure.

What is Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery?

As the name suggests, this type of surgical intervention involves the use of an incision that becomes almost entirely invisible a short time after the operation.

The surgeon relies on a special surgical tool that’s equipped with power lens for the purpose of ensuring better visibility. Through the use of this tool, a surgeon can make a very small incision in the crease of the breast. The small size of the cut and its location make it virtually impossible for the scar to be noticed after it heals.

Hidden scar breast cancer surgery can be performed in the case of lumpectomies (the removal of suspicious breast tissue) and mastectomies (the removal of the breast). Patients who undergo such a procedure find it easier to recover and to gain back their self-confidence after the treatment.

Choosing the Best Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgeon in Palm Beach

The best hidden scar breast cancer surgeon in Palm Beach has the experience needed to give every single patient an excellent result. This surgeon will be capable of removing the malignant tissue and also keeping the size of the incision small.

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