From the time you get your breast cancer diagnosis, you will work with an array of medical professionals to combat the condition. Choosing the highest rated breast cancer surgeon in Palm Beach is going to be one of your most important decisions.

Some worry that the process of choosing the right doctor is long and cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be such if you know which selection criteria to rely on.

Ease of Communication

For many patients, this is one of the most important aspects of choosing the highest rated breast cancer surgeon in Palm Beach. The experience and the qualifications of a doctor are obviously important. At the same time, breast cancer is scary and people who get the diagnosis need answers. If such answers can’t be obtained from the treating physician, stress levels will be particularly high.

See a couple of surgeons and draft a list of important questions to ask. Look for comprehensive information that’s delivered in an easy to understand manner.

The Treatment Plan

Once you consult a physician in Palm Beach, you’ll be given a treatment plan. This plan aims to outline the approach that the surgeon considers to be the best in the battle against breast cancer.

Is this document comprehensive enough? Does it outline the steps of your treatment? In addition, a surgeon should be capable of explaining why the particular treatment plan is the best one in your case, what the risks are and what you should prepare yourself for emotionally and physically.

Research Credentials

Finally, you’ll still need to research credentials in order to identify the highest rated breast cancer surgeon in Palm Beach.

How many patients has the doctor treated through the years? How many years of practice do they have? Are there certain areas that the surgeon specializes in or focuses their research? Have they completed fellowships in the field of cancer care?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Information will give you peace of mind and confidence in your choice will be very important for getting the treatment outcome you’re hoping for.

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