The selection of the right kind of breast cancer treatment is heavily dependent on individual specifics like the location of the cancer, its size and stage. Together with your doctor, you’ll take a look at these factors and pinpoint a therapeutic approach that will deliver the best results.

Advances in cancer treatment are made all of the time. One of these advances is intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).

What is IORT Breast Cancer Treatment in South Florida?   

IORT is usually delivered during a lumpectomy. The doctor will first make a surgical incision that will give them access to the malignancy. Once the tumor is removed, a concentrated dose of radiation therapy will be delivered to its bed. As a result, malignancies can be destroyed completely.

The Benefits of IORT

IORT breast cancer treatment in South Florida brings a range of important benefits to the table.

The procedure is much more sparing to healthy tissues than external radiation therapy. Multiple studies have been carried out, showing that women undergoing IORT experience fewer skin problems and side effects linked to the radiation than the ones who have external radiation covering the entire breast.

IORT decreases the treatment period, as well. In some instances, the procedure would be all that it takes to get rid of the malignancy. No additional radiation therapy will be required, which means that patients will go back to their normal life quicker.

The intraoperative radiation therapy can also be used to enhance the results of standard radiation therapy. It delivers a boost and enables patients to move on to additional treatments immediately after recovering from the surgery.

Finally, IORT offers convenience. All of the required radiation will be delivered to the malignant tissue at the same time. With standard radiation therapy, patients have to make multiple trips to the hospital. On occasions, a patient may have to undergo radiation therapy for five days a week over the span of multiple weeks. Such a prolonged therapeutic approach may put the patient under additional strain.

If you’re interested in IORT, you’ll have to see an experienced surgeon who’ll let you know whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Doctor John Rimmer is one such surgeon in South Florida. Call 561-748-1242 to schedule your first appointment and have questions about IORT answered.