Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is incredibly scary. So many people believe this is the end of the road for them. Medical advancements, however, have increased the effectiveness of breast cancer treatments. Choosing the right therapeutic approach and an experienced medical professional to partner up with will often be life-saving.

Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment in Florida

Doctor John Rimmer and his team are giving women in Florida access to advanced breast cancer treatment options.

One of the most innovative possibilities made available by the team is called Intraoperative Radiation Therapy or IORT. As the name indicates, this advanced breast cancer treatment in Florida delivers a concentrated dose of radiation to a tumor bed during an operation. IORT is suitable for reducing radiation treatment times, killing the cancerous tissue and sparing the healthy one.

IORT is even suitable for the women who have to undergo a traditional radiation treatment. It provides a “boost” and also decreases the likelihood of complications.

Are You a Candidate for IORT Therapy?

Doctor Rimmer has more than 30 years of experience in the field of breast cancer treatment. By scheduling your first appointment, you’ll learn more about the available options and find out whether you’re a candidate for IORT.

IORT is suitable for the patients scheduled to undergo a lumpectomy. The surgical procedure will remove the tumor and targeted radiation therapy will be utilized to make sure no malignancies are left. Usually, IORT is recommended for patients who are in the early stages of breast cancer and who have small tumors. Usually IORT will be recommended to patients whose tumors measure less than three centimeters.

Doctor Rimmer will examine your medical history and the specifics of the malignancy. Based on this information, he’ll let you know whether IORT is the right approach for you or if you’ll benefit from another advanced treatment option.

Don’t hesitate to give the clinic a call at 561-748-1242. You can schedule your first appointment or inquire about the advanced breast cancer treatment techniques. The friendly staff will do their best to address all of your concerns and specific inquiries about the treatment.