Because of breast cancer screening, 203,400 deaths due to the condition have been averted since 1991, the American Cancer Society reports. The prevalence of mammography has increased from 29 percent in 1987 to 70 percent in 2000. As a result, many lives have been saved.

Early breast cancer detection is the most important prerequisite for the successful treatment of the condition. Treatment effectiveness increases exponentially in the case of localized and regional cancer. This is why you should get in the habit of undergoing regular breast cancer screening.

Advance Breast Cancer Detection in Jupiter

Many advances have been made in the field of mammography. Advance breast cancer detection in Jupiter is available, giving much more accurate and reliable results.

One of the biggest advancements in the field is the rise of 3D mammography. Scientifically known as tomosynthesis, the procedure delivers a 3D image of the breast tissue rather than a single, flattened one-plane view.

The multi-layer view is obviously much more effective when it comes to delivering a breast cancer diagnosis. The risk of a false positive is reduced. A 3D mammogram will also reveal “hidden” tumors that may be positioned behind dense or overlapping breast tissues.

How Often should You go for Screening?

Since advance breast cancer detection in Jupiter is readily available, you have no excuse to neglect your health. The American Cancer Society recommends the beginning of a regular screening process at the age of 45. Women at a higher risk (like the ones who have cases of breast cancer in the family) should discuss the situation with their doctor and begin screening at an earlier age.

Women at a low risk are advised to have a mammogram every three years from the age of 50 to the age of 70. In the case of moderate to high risk, annual mammograms are the recommendation. Once again – talk to your physician in order to come up with a personalized screening schedule.

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