Hidden scar breast cancer surgery is an innovative approach in the treatment of the malignancy. The procedure enables a surgeon to get rid of the tumor. At the same time, it minimizes scar tissue formation and helps patients experience faster emotional recovery after the treatment.

Since the technique is specialized, you have to choose the best hidden scar breast cancer surgeon in South Florida. Here’s how to make the decision.

Experience and Qualifications

The best hidden scar breast cancer surgeon in South Florida should have the necessary training and experience.

A professional like doctor John Rimmer, for example, is recognized as a pioneer in the field. Doctor Rimmer has over 30 years of experience in the treatment of breast cancer, including highly innovative treatment options like hidden scar surgery. Experience in laparoscopic surgeries gives dr. Rimmer the know-how required to choose the right procedure for every single patient.

Reputation and Successful Operations

The experience of a surgeon is simply the first important aspect to examine. Their reputation, patient satisfaction and rate of successful treatments are also important.

Prior to choosing the doctor that will guide you through the difficult battle with breast cancer, you’ll have to visit the clinic and ask questions. The right doctor will offer more than expertise – they’ll give you support and compassion that are so important throughout the treatment.

You can also learn a lot by going through the experiences of former patients. If many people report about a compassionate, gentle approach, chances are that the surgeon will be the right one for your treatment.

Experience of Other Staff Members

Finally, you’ll need to examine the experience and professionalism of other staff members. Nurses, receptionists and office managers should all be capable of addressing your questions and giving you peace of mind about troublesome issues.

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