Every single year, 232,000 women in the US require a surgical intervention for breast cancer, the American Cancer Society reports. The surgery can be life-saving but at the same time, it may have profound emotional consequences. The scars that it leaves behind can be detrimental for a woman’s confidence and self-perception.

Luckily, medical advancements are made all the time. Hidden scar breast cancer surgery is now a possibility. It delivers the results of traditional surgery, plus it makes it almost impossible to spot the scars. Are you a good candidate for this type of surgical intervention?

How does the Hidden Scar Surgery Work?

Getting hidden scar breast cancer surgery in South Florida will mean that a small incision will be required in the crease of the breast. The position reduces the appearance of a scar or there will be no scar tissue whatsoever.

While such surgery can get rid of the malignancy, it also takes into consideration the emotional impact of a massive scar that goes across the chest. An experienced surgeon can spare the nipple of the patient, even if mastectomy is required.

Are You a Candidate for Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery in South Florida?

Hidden scar breast cancer surgeries are suitable for a vast array of patients. The procedure is applicable both in the case of a lumpectomy and a mastectomy. When going for your first consultation, you’ll discuss the possibilities with your surgeon. Based on the placement and the size of the malignancy, a doctor will determine whether the hidden scar surgery is suitable for you.

It’s crucial to find a surgeon who has the right training – not every breast surgery professional can perform a hidden scar procedure!

If you’re interested in hidden scar breast cancer surgery, you should definitely consider contacting doctor John Rimmer and his team. Doctor Rimmer is one of the hidden scar breast cancer surgery pioneers who can perform a successful operation on you. If you’d like to find out more, you can contact the clinic at 561-748-1242.