When diagnosed early and treated by an experienced professional, breast cancer has a high survival rate. This is the main reason why you should never underestimate the importance of screening and building a relationship with an experienced medical practitioner in the area.

Medical advancements are announced all of the time, many of them enabling more effective cancer treatments. Hidden scar breast surgery in Jupiter is one such advancement that allows for the treatment of the malignancy and reduces the risk of unsightly scar formation.

What is Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery?

Doctor John Rimmer is one of the hidden scar breast cancer surgery in Jupiter pioneers. The surgery is an advanced approach that relies on a single incision made in the crease of the breast, rather than across the chest. The cancerous tissue is removed without affecting the healthy breast tissue, the nipple or the areola.

The procedure is optimal in terms of reducing scarring, speeding up the recovery and maintaining the natural shape of the breast. As a result, both the physiological and the emotional impact of the breast cancer surgery will be reduced.

Is it the Right Option for You?

It’s very important to keep in mind that patients who opt for hidden scar breast cancer surgery in Jupiter do not have a higher risk of recurrence than other women.

A hidden scar procedure is suitable for both the patients who have to undergo a lumpectomy and the ones in need of a mastectomy. The hidden scar procedure allows for a nipple-sparing mastectomy, which can be of paramount importance for many women.

The surgery will be suitable for most women combating the condition. Still, the surgeon will need to assess both the location and the size of the tumor prior to figuring out whether a hidden scar surgical intervention is the right approach.

Statistics show that body image is a serious issue in breast cancer survivors. Studies show that 72 percent of women are unhappy with the appearance of their scar and 87 percent feel conscious about the appearance of their breasts after surgery. You don’t have to go through this emotional turmoil. Give us a call today at 561-748-1242 to find out if hidden scar breast cancer surgery is the right option for you.