Nearly every day brings news of another step forward in medical care. With an average one out of eight women affected by breast cancer, improvements in advanced breast cancer treatments are positive things to learn about. After all, knowledge gives each of us the opportunity to be proactive in our health and wellbeing.

IORT is a recent breakthrough in the administration of radiation after surgery. Jupiter surgeon Dr. John Rimmer has over 30 years of practice and includes this state-of-the-art treatment as an option for his patients. What are some of the ways intraoperative radiation therapy is more beneficial than standard radiation therapy?

It reduces risk to healthy tissues, which are shielded or moved aside during surgery. That helps protect exposure to the radiation dose directly administered once the tumor is removed. The amount delivered is the predetermined total dosage and eliminates traditional return visits for standard radiation treatments. Patients in and around Jupiter benefit with an easier schedule for advanced breast cancer treatments.

The doctor, staff and members of the surgical team will answer questions about the process. It’s important for you to understand and decide upon the advanced breast cancer treatments available in your situation. Call the Jupiter office for an appointment today at 561-748-1242.