Cancer is something we believe will never happen to us – until it does. Breast cancer occurs in men as well as women! Nearly 234,000 Americans were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. The disease killed approximately 41,000 women and 465 men in the US that same year. Data like this inspires skilled professionals like Jupiter, Florida’s Dr. John Rimmer to seek out more effective ways of treatment, including intraoperative radiation therapy.

What’s the difference between IORT and standard radiation therapy? Both types eliminate microscopic cancer cells in surrounding tissue and guard against the return of a tumor in that area. External-beam radiation requires three to six weeks of daily treatment to the whole breast, and cannot be repeated in the future.

Highly localized intraoperative radiation therapy is done immediately following a lumpectomy. The proper dosage is delivered directly to the tumor’s site using a delivery catheter. Typical IORT is a one-time treatment that takes minutes to complete. The amount of damage to healthy tissue is far less than the results of standard therapy. The patient’s discomfort and recovery time are greatly reduced. If the cancer returns, a second lumpectomy followed by radiation is often possible for IORT patients.

The Jupiter practice of Dr. John Rimmer is recognized for the compassion and care given to patients. A member of the American Society of General Surgeons, he has treated breast cancer for more than 30 years. If you have been diagnosed or have a family history of this type of cancer, call today for an appointment to discuss your options at 561-748-1242.