Have you ever looked at a scar caused by surgery and wondered why it was so big? Over the years the lingering reminders of surgery in the form of scar tissue have decreased for heart surgery, appendectomies, and advanced breast cancer treatments. The residents of Jupiter, Florida benefit from surgeons and hospitals in the area that offer state-of-the-art IORT (intraoperative radiation therapy) and laparoscopy treatment.

Dr. John Rimmer, a local breast cancer surgeon, has experience with specialty treatments. For example, the laparoscopic procedure is a beneficial in breast cancer surgery. After making a small incision, Dr. Rimmer inserts a tube through the opening. The laparoscope, a thin fiber-optic instrument with an attached small lens and camera, is pushed through the tube into the breast tissue. Images from the camera are displayed on the screen to guide the steps.

When the process is completed, Dr. Rimmer closes the small opening/s with stitches and places bandages over them. Patients have less pain after the surgery and recover faster. As mentioned earlier, one of the other advanced breast cancer treatments used by Dr. Rimmer is IORT. It reduces the time required for a lumpectomy, the hospital stay, and treatment. The doctor noted the technique reduces the time for radiation and surgery to one day rather than the approximate three months needed for other methods.

The certifications and diplomas demonstrate the dedication and skill of the members of this impressive team in Jupiter. Experience in diagnosing and treating benign and malignant breast diseases sends assurance to patients that they are receiving quality care. Ask questions about any part of the process and know that you will be given honest, caring answers.

Be aware of and consider every option, such as IORT, available to help you beat cancer by learning about advanced breast cancer treatments in Jupiter. Prepare questions to ask Dr. Rimmer during your consultation. Call the office today for an appointment at 561-748-1242.