It’s important to get quality care when you are diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly you are faced with lots of decisions to make, including what to do and which doctor to see. Dr. John Rimmer, a breast cancer surgeon and specialist in the West Palm Beach area, is recognized for his skill in advanced breast cancer treatments. The use of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy when appropriate is an example.

There is so much information about cancer treatment and the surgical methods available for your situation. The ongoing battle to beat this disease has led to quite a few options for each patient, including the types of radiation and chemotherapy. You’ll learn about the tumor’s location, size, and stage of activity. Know there is an entire team of medical professionals dedicated to providing you with the best treatment and information available.

Intraoperative radiation therapy is a way of delivering needed radiation for certain situations all at once. The new technology of IORT provides world-class treatment options to the community of West Palm Beach. Patients receive the same quality care and compassion from the surgical team and hospital staff and volunteers. You can discuss this method with the doctor to find out if you are eligible. The one-time dosage for advanced breast cancer treatments replaces the traditional five days weekly, six-week total radiation therapy schedule.

Dr. Rimmer belongs to several different professional organizations to stay informed about and share technical knowledge. He is a member of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons. Used for minimally invasive surgical procedures, it lets the surgeon diagnose and treat various conditions with the laparoscope, a thin fiber-optic instrument with an attached camera and lens. Two benefits are a smaller incision to enter the area and a display on a large screen so the doctor can see the area more clearly.

The good news about the fight against cancer is the increased survival rate. Advanced breast cancer treatments like intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) are part of the reason for success. Find out everything you can about treatment methods and how each type will help you. Professional surgeons design a plan based on the situation and review it with the patient. Contact Dr. Rimmer’s office today for an appointment at 561-748-1242.