Not all mammograms are the same. The same doctor or clinic may submit a different order for various patients depending on the reason for the request. The cost for each type usually varies. Check with your insurance company to find out how much of the expense is covered by your policy for the requested mammogram. Talk to the doctor about the reasons a more sophisticated evaluation is required.

West Palm Beach, Florida Doctor John Rimmer, M.D. is a recognized breast cancer doctor and surgeon. He understands the value of a mammogram and the importance of detecting signs of cancer and possible problems in the breast area. A routine exam or family medical history may require a more intense look at what’s under the skin. Certain methods are virtually painless and produce easier-to-read images than others.

Screening mammograms, scheduled annually, are usually the first type of mammogram a woman encounters. This is a common referral for women who have no signs or symptoms of breast cancer. The two X-ray pictures of your breasts build a history of their appearance. It also shows tumors that can’t be felt during a routine breast exam. There may also be tiny calcium deposits that need further testing for possible breast cancer. The radiologist usually makes notes and discusses anything out of the ordinary with the requesting physician.

The screening process cannot detect every possibility of breast cancer. Dense tissue interferes with a good reading. There may be suspicious areas just out of range. You may be called back for a more sophisticated digital mammogram. It is also used when there is a history of breast disease or new symptoms are reported. Images are magnified for better visibility.

Dr. Rimmer also orders 3D digital mammograms for his West Palm Beach patients. The breakthrough technology takes an assortment of images and places them together for an easier to read view. Call Dr. Rimmer’s office today for an appointment at 561-748-1242.