Women carefully watch their health in a number of ways. Breast exams are an important part of that routine, including a monthly self-exam and an annual (or sooner) clinical exam by your doctor or another medical professional. Have you ever wondered why checking your breasts for lumps or other irregularities so frequently is recommended?

A primary reason is the many changes they go through. It is easier to notice a change if you are familiar with the way they usually look and feel. Think about the things that cause a difference, including menopause and pregnancy. If the situation causes you concern, it’s important enough to tell the doctor about. Women in the West Palm Beach, Florida area have the opportunity to select Dr. John Rimmer, M.D. as their breast care doctor.

If you are unsure about how to do a self-exam, discuss your concerns with Dr. Rimmer or a member of his staff. The doctor will show you the right way to perform monthly breast exams at home. This is especially helpful if you have breast implants. You’ll learn where the edges are and understand how they feel so it doesn’t create worry during your at-home checkup the following month.

Try not to stress out if you discover something out of the ordinary. Lumps and other changes to the normal shape and texture of your breasts are usually benign. Examples include solid lumps (fibroadenomas) and fluid-filled sacs (cysts). Schedule an appointment so the doctor can determine if a mammogram is required for additional screening.

The friendly, caring staff at Dr. Rimmer’s West Palm Beach, Florida office will treat you with courtesy and understanding. There is no need to feel embarrassed about scheduling breast exams so the doctor can assess changes in either breast, such as the texture or shape. The doctor will be as gentle as possible and talk over the findings with you. Call to set an appointment today at 561-748-1242.