Most women in the Jupiter, Florida area are familiar with the three methods of breast examination: mammogram, self, and clinical breast exams. Self-exams that indicate a change in one or both breasts, such as a lump or increase/decrease in size or shape, should be referred to a women’s care doctor or breast cancer doctor like Dr. John Rimmer M.D. Both professionals are qualified to perform a clinical breast exam (CBE).

Breast cancer also occurs in men. If they notice a lump or change in their breasts, they should notify their doctor right away for a CBE. They are frequently part of a woman’s scheduled physical exam. Dr. Rimmer carefully checks the underarm area and breasts while you are sitting and then when you are lying down, checking for:

  • Rashes.
  • Areas of thickness or fullness in just one breast.
  • Differences or changes in the breasts’ shape or color.
  • Nipples that are leaking fluid.

Breast tissue is quite extensive. It starts at the middle of the chest and continues into the armpit. From there it moves to the collarbone. It also reaches deep into the chest wall muscles. The doctor feels the nipples and breasts first and moves to the other areas. Deep tissue areas require additional pressure to get accurate results.

Firm finger pressure may hurt a bit while the doctor checks for tenderness, pain, and lumps. Tell Dr. John Rimmer if it is too painful. He may be able to stop for a minute or two while you recover. It is vital that he carefully checks all the areas involved in breast exams such as lymph nodes to increase your chance of survival.

Residents in and around Jupiter experience state of the art breast exams and care when they are treated by Dr. Rimmer. He is passionate about providing exceptional care to his patients. Call the office today to schedule an appointment at 561-748-1242.