How to Get Cutting Edge Mammograms in Jupiter FloridaWomen could spend days researching the conflicting information on mammograms. Even after reading and highlighting what they consider to be the most important points of each article, it’s difficult to make a decision on whether or not to get one. Medical opinions differ about the age and how often the process should take place. This is true for clinics, practicing hospitals, and physicians throughout the world.

Dr. John Rimmer is a breast care specialist and surgeon in Jupiter, Florida. He and his staff understand the importance of making the right diagnosis, prescription and procedure for each patient. That is why he talks over his reasons for scheduling a mammogram. Factors include risk and age.

Mammograms excel at detecting breast cancer. The earlier it is detected, the better chance there is of stopping it from spreading into other areas of the breast. Dr. Rimmer’s patients nearly always choose the less stressful method of digital tomosynthesis. Approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, it is a fairly recent form of mammography that takes more pictures from more angles and produces a 3-D image of the breast.

Residents of and near Jupiter are fortunate to have the 3-D procedure offered in their area. If you are one of Dr. John Rimmer M.D.’s patients, talk with him if you have any concern about which type of mammogram you prefer and why. You must agree to the procedure before you are referred. Make a list of your questions and concerns so you can review them with the doctor or the scheduled facility where the procedure will take place.

A radiologist analyzes the results and highlights or notes anything Dr. Rimmer should review with the patient. The doctor will compare older mammograms to the current result. If there is anything you and the doctor should discuss about any current or potential areas of concern and how to treat them, you will be requested to set an appointment. If your mammogram is due, call today to set an appointment at 561-748-1242.