Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Most women are familiar with self-examination and the process of making an appointment to have an evaluation of lumps and bumps in case breast cancer surgery is needed. Another reason to learn all you can about recognizing symptoms of breast cancer is that it may only be discovered during a mammogram. Cancer of all types is diagnosed and treated quicker than before because of sophisticated detection equipment.

Dr. John Rimmer M.D. uses the newest proven methods for breast cancer surgery. That is good news for women in the Jupiter area because it provides an optimistic outlook for treatment. His advanced training and experience make him an excellent surgeon. The team he’s selected for pre, post, and during surgery are invaluable.

Breast cancer surgery is just one method of winning the war against breast cancer. The American Cancer Society website is an excellent site to read about the different types, levels, and statistics of breast and other kinds of cancer. Stage zero breast cancer, for example, accounts for an estimated20 percent of annual U.S. annual diagnosed cases. The best news is that diagnosis and various levels of treatment at this early stage usually result in being cured.

Patients may be surprised to find out they are a vital part of their treatment team. Dr. Rimmer encourages his Jupiter patients to ask questions and learn as much about their treatment and situation as possible. You can bring someone you trust, such as a friend or relative, to your appointment. Discuss concerns s with the doctor or other members of your medical team. The goal is to find the treatment that fits you best.

Speak with breast cancer surgery survivors about their experiences. Find out about the different support groups in the Jupiter area. Attend some of the meetings to get an idea of how patients and families have faced the challenge. They will provide hope. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. John Rimmer at 561-748-1242.