Get the Latest Technology in Mammograms in Jupiter Florida

Latest Technology in Mammograms in Jupiter FloridaMammograms are an expected part of preventive care for women. A primary healthcare provider can refer patients for this annual test, or patients can be referred by specialists. Dr. John Rimmer M.D. has a practice in Jupiter, Florida regarding diseases of the breast, including cancer. Breast MRIs are a relatively new type of screening. Traditional, 3D, and digital mammograms are other methods of testing.

Mammography involves using X-rays to take images of the inner breast. The uncomfortable and sometimes painful process is incredibly valuable because it detects normal and approximately 85 percent of the abnormal structures within the breasts, including tumors. Early detection makes it easier to treat and cure the cancer.

Dense breast tissue causes concern among women because of the fear cancer will not be detected in time for a cure. The American Cancer Society gives reassurance that mammograms pick up most signs of breast cancer despite dense tissue. As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to check for signs of cancer.

The balance of breast cancers is found during a physical exam and breast self-examination or BSE. BSE has been the source of arguments over the last few years as physicians and health organizations debate their value. BSE is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with how your breasts feel and look. It is quicker for you to detect a change. If you have any questions about making it part of your personal health program, talk about it with Dr. John Rimmer M.D. at your next appointment.

Deaths from breast cancer have decreased in Jupiter, Florida and around the world because of quick diagnosis and treatment. Mammograms and annual checkups are a major part of the change. If it has been some time since your last exam, why not contact the office of Dr. John Rimmer M.D. for an appointment today at 561-748-1242.