Mammograms Help Save Lives in West Palm Beach

Mammograms Help Save Lives in West Palm BeachMammograms are one of several methods used to evaluate breast health throughout the world. They locate and display lumps in the breast which are hidden or too small to detect during a self-examination or routine physical examination. It is worth the brief few moments of discomfort for the peace of mind you have when the tests are normal. It can save your life when the results indicate a potential problem.

Mammography is usually scheduled on an annual basis. That leads to early detection of cancer and other concerns. The doctor, radiologist or healthcare provider compares the current screening to older mammograms and written records in your file, looking for changes that might be signs of cancers.

More sophisticated forms of screening, such as digital tomosynthesis, deliver a gentler type of testing with more detailed results. West Palm Beach patients of Dr. John Rimmer M.D. have the opportunity to choose digital rather than traditional mammography. The results are reviewed on a computer instead of being displayed on X-ray film.

You may receive guidelines along with the information about your appointment. One important reminder is to arrive early so you have time to park and walk to the office. Another reminder is to avoid putting any lotion, perfume, powder or deodorant under your arms or near your breasts the day of your appointment. Any one of them can cause a misreading and you’ll have to go back and repeat the process. If you accidentally put on deodorant that day, let the technician know. Many centers have individually wrapped towelettes that can be used to wipe it away.

Both you and the doctor will receive a notice of the results. Dr. Rimmer will review past mammograms as well as the current one. He’ll discuss any areas of concern and answer your questions in everyday words that are easy to understand. Call today to schedule an appointment with our West Palm Beach office at 561-748-1242