Dr. John Rimmer Offers the Most Advanced Mammograms in West Palm Beach

Women seldom look forward to the traditional process that flattens the breasts, is uncomfortable, and sometimes hurts. Advanced mammograms are less stressful, more comfortable, and are better at detecting signs of cancer than the older methods still found in certain medical centers. Dr. John Rimmer uses digital tomosynthesis, an advanced method of digital mammography, for his patients in West Palm Beach.

Dr. Rimmer is a doctor who sets aside the time to listen to and answer your questions. You’ll be asked about family medical history as well as your own. Compassion and care are two of the qualities of the doctor and his staff that help make you comfortable while discussing personal matters. The value of a long-term professional relationship with a specialist you trust includes having someone on your side who is familiar with your history and what is important to you.

Digital tomosynthesis benefits women three ways when compared to traditional methods:

  • There is less exposure to radiation as the X-ray tube moves in an arc around the breast.
  • It is not as uncomfortable or painful. Just a little pressure is needed to hold the breast in a stable position during the process.
  • More pictures (usually 11) from more angles provide a better view of any concerns.

Advanced mammograms are especially helpful if the person has dense breasts because it makes breast cancers easier to see. The pictures are sent to a computer and assembled into extremely focused 3-D images.

The 3-D display takes slightly longer (about 20 minutes from start to finish) than a screening mammogram.

Early detection of breast cancer or other situations is possible with advanced mammograms in West Palm Beach. That provides the opportunity to treat the cancer in its early stages. Call the office of recognized breast cancer doctor and surgeon Dr. John Rimmer today to schedule your annual mammogram at 561-748-1242.