West Palm Beach’s Highest Rated Breast Care Doctor

Sometimes the move to West Palm Beach means leaving your favorite stores, hangouts, and doctors behind. Women breathe a sigh of relief when they find out the city has excellent medical personnel, clinics, and hospitals. Dr. John Rimmer is a highly qualified breast care doctor and surgeon in this part of Florida. Monitor a history of breast cancer in your family or discuss any concerns over your latest self-exam by making an appointment with Dr. Rimmer.

Patients, family members, and caretakers appreciate the way the doctor and his staff explain the diagnosis and procedure. There’s no guesswork trying to understand what is going on and how it can be treated. Several languages are spoken fluently within this West Palm Beach practice to make communication easier.

Similar to other types of cancer, breast cancer symptoms and care differ from person to person. Discovering a lump causes people to fear a diagnosis of cancer. Other signs are changes on the skin or swelling. Because breast cancers can also be present without displaying any noticeable symptoms, it is important to have a more intensive exam by a breast care doctor if there is even a hint of complications. The doctor will explain that infections or cysts produce symptoms similar to those of breast cancer.

Your other health care professionals are an important part of your care and recovery. A breast cancer treatment plan is developed based on your overall medical situation and the discussion and agreement among the medical experts. You and your family are also involved in planning the best way to fight the cancer that has invaded your body. Modern methods like radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy are three options you may be offered.

Dr. Rimmer understands that you have a long list of questions you’d like answered. Print it out and leave a copy so he can respond. It’s much easier than trying to write down the answers when your mind is trying to accept a diagnosis of breast cancer. Call today to schedule a consultation with West Palm Beach’s respected breast care doctor at 561-748-1242.