If you are seeing unilateral lymphedema in one of your limbs, an L-Dex measurement might be a wise course of action. L-Dex, or lymphedema index, is a system that allows your healthcare provider to assess breast cancer-related lymphedema. It’s a smart move because it helps us to stay on top of your care and it helps us to determine the best therapy for you.

Why should you have an L-Dex measurement?

As one of the main L-Dex providers in Jupiter, we’ve seen first-hand how valuable this simple measurement can be in identifying and treating breast cancer-related lymphedema. This test produces a lymphedema index value that can show us if excess cellular fluid is building up in an at-risk limb. Even if you are not seeing signs of lymphedema right now, an L-Dex measurement can help us to spot the early signs and provide preemptive treatment.

When you visit us for L-Dex in Jupiter, you’ll see that the process is simple, quick, and non-invasive. It is a completely painless procedure and the whole test is completed in just a few minutes. In those few minutes though, we are able to get accurate, informative results that can dramatically improve your care. By scheduling an L-Dex measurement each time you see us, you enable us to more accurately assess extracellular fluid at any stage of lymphedema.

What does the process involve?

We get L-Dex measurements by sending a very mild electrical signal through your limb from the L-Dex machine. That electrical signal flows through the fluid in your arm or leg, and as lymphedema develops, we are able to measure that increase in fluid. The electrical signal travels more easily through the limb when more fluid is present. With an L-Dex test, we can simply compare how the signal travels through an affected and unaffected limb.

Early detection and close monitoring are a big part of diagnosing and treating breast cancer-related problems, and we are here to provide the care you need. If you are interested in finding out more about L-Dex in Jupiter, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Rimmer at 561-748-1242.