Radiation treatment is rough, and it can be a grueling process for even the toughest of patients. Dr. John Rimmer aims to make your treatment just a little easier, and that’s why he offers Savi to his patients in Jupiter. Savi technology allows a physician to target radiation with incredible accuracy to where it is most needed. This minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue, and it drastically cuts down on recuperation time. In many cases, patients are able to return to their normal schedules after just five days!

Savi is the Smart Choice

Our goal is to minimize the burden that breast cancer can be on you and your family. Treatment can be a tremendous strain and can cause a lot of physical and emotional distress. That is why we offer the choice of Savi to our patients in Jupiter when it comes to treating breast cancer.

Savi is an innovative, brilliant approach that provides targeted radiation therapy. The applicator delivers precise dosimetry and the convenience and minimal discomfort of a single-entry device. With this beautifully engineered design, we are able to customize your radiation therapy to your specific anatomy, which means that many more women will be eligible for APBI treatment.

In addition, Savi dramatically decreases toxicity, as radiation is limited to unhealthy tissues. It delivers maximum target coverage while minimizing damage to normal, healthy tissue. Through the use of Savi, your risk of fibrosis and symptomatic seroma are also reduced substantially.

Of course, the Savi approach spares your skin a lot of damage and trauma. The closed applicator is inserted through one small incision, either after a lumpectomy or at a later date. Once the applicator is in place, it can expand to fit the size of the cavity. Targeted radiation is delivered, and then the applicator is collapsed and removed through that same small incision.

If radiation therapy is necessary for your treatment, then talk to Dr. Rimmer about your options for Savi in Jupiter. We want you to get the best care possible, and Savi might just be the solution for you. Contact us today at 561-748-1242.