Studies have shown that 1 in 8 women will end up facing breast cancer in their lifetime, and early detection is crucial when it comes to increasing their chance for survival. The advanced detection mammograms in Palm Beach Gardens, FL provided by Dr. John A.P. Rimmer provide leading edge breast cancer detection for women.

3D mammography: The most advanced screening for detecting breast cancer

Similar to a conventional mammogram, 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) takes an image of the breast however, instead of taking single, flattened picture, this advanced technology creates 3D breast tissue images rendering a multi-layer view. This is beneficial because, as with every organ, the breasts are also 3 dimensional, made up of tissues, fat, milk ducts, blood vessels, all at various depths. With advanced detection mammograms in Palm Beach Gardens, small cancerous cells are better detected, even behind dense and overlapping tissues.

3D mammography is especially effective when it comes to dense breasts, which has the potential to hide cancers because of less fatty tissue. Approximately 40% of women in the United States have dense breast tissue, and the majority doesn’t even realize it. The California legislature actually passed a law that requires that women are told if they have dense breast tissue by their health care provider.

Since tomosynthesis received the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (2011), advanced detection mammograms are quickly replacing traditional ones nationwide. Besides providing early cancer detection, the innovative technology also reduces call backs for additional screenings as well as false positives, resulting in much needed and deserved peace of mind.

Tremendous strides have been made in detecting breast cancer over the last few years and 3D mammography has been life saving when it comes to early detection. Women who are interested in advanced detection mammograms in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida should call Dr. Rimmer at (561) 748-1242 to discuss the benefits or schedule a mammogram.