Breast cancer can strike anyone, at all ethnic backgrounds, at any age and walks of life. Dr. John A.P. Rimmer, the leading breast cancer specialist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL's primary purpose is to provide the most advanced cancer treatment to their patients, using the latest, cutting edge technologies. Dr. Rimmer's office provides a comfortable, relaxing setting where patients can be surrounded by their family and friends who are there to support them on their journey.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Three of the most common test procedures used to diagnose breast cancer are ultrasound, diagnostic mammogram and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Diagnostic mammograms generate X-Ray images, focusing on a precise area of the breast, taking more in depth photos of areas that appear abnormal. A breast ultrasound uses sound waves that help doctors determine whether an abnormality is a potentially cancerous solid mass or a fluid filled, benign cyst. MRI's use radio waves, along with strong magnets, to look for tumors that didn't show up on a mammogram. While these imaging tests can help locate a potentially cancerous breast mass, they can't verify a breast cancer diagnosis. Only a biopsy that removes tissue or cell samples for testing can precisely diagnose breast cancer.

Dr. Rimmer, breast cancer specialist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and his staff provide personalized, state of the art, patient care. They're committed to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with their patients and their families, considering themselves their patient's strongest advocates. Dr. Rimmer and his professional connections in the medical community have an unwavering commitment to discovering improved cancer treatments and more choices for their patients.

Dr. Rimmer and his staff understand the impact that cancer has on the lives of their patients and their families and focus on the needs of every patient to promote healing and hope. If you're looking for the leading breast cancer specialist in Palm Beach Gardens call 561.748.1242 and scheduled a time for a consultation. We're sure that you'll come to think of Dr. Rimmer and his welcoming staff as family.