From the time you are diagnosed with breast cancer, in most cases, you’ll work with a team of cancer specialists that may include a number of team members, including oncologists, a care manager, oncology nurses, a registered dietitian and more. Dr. Rimmer is the top recommended breast cancer specialist in Jupiter, Florida and his breast health care team members have been carefully chosen to provide his patients with personalized, compassionate care and a respectful doctor patient relationship.

With Dr, Rimmer, you can ask questions and receive answers that you'll completely understand.

When it comes to being treated for breast cancer, finding the right team is important. The right team consists of specialists that you can feel comfortable with and getting your questions answered, both making a huge difference in how your cancer treatment progresses. When you have Dr. Rimmer as your advocate, you'll be working with a breast cancer specialist in Jupiter, Florida who is communicative and knowledgeable, welcoming all of your questions and answering them in a way that you’ll completely understand. The doctor will also describe your treatment choices, along with the expected results and any possible side effects you may encounter.

Keep in mind that while your doctor and his medical team will make recommendations and provide treatment options, the final decisions are up to you. Dr. Rimmer and his team understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable with your decisions. His team of breast cancer specialists realize that the more confident you feel about the path you're taking, the less stressed out you'll be during the treatment process. With this breast cancer specialist in Jupiter, Florida and his team, you'll never feel uncomfortable asking questions or talk about any concerns you may have, even those that you feel are insignificant.

Today, there are numerous treatment options available to breast cancer patients and Dr. Rimmer, the leading breast cancer specialist in Jupiter, Florida and his team will help you find the most effective combination for your specific needs. Call 561.748.1242 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rimmer and get all your questions answered clearly and compassionately.