If you are facing the possibility of breast cancer surgery, keep in mind that countless women have been where you are at this very moment, experiencing the same fears and being faced with making tough choices. Most of these same women have had breast cancer surgery, have recovered and are now living happy lives. You deserve the best outpatient breast surgery in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Dr. Rimmer is the surgeon you should choose to act as your trusted breast health advocate.

Outpatient Surgery

Based on the stage of the cancer, the location and the form of tumor, you may be a candidate for several forms of surgery. During the early stages of breast cancer, breast conserving surgery is an option that is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure.

Lumpectomy, also considered an outpatient procedure, is one form of breast conserving surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the breast lump/tumor and a perimeter of the tissue surrounding it. Breast conserving surgeries are the preferred surgical option for qualified women who are in the early stages of breast cancer. Studies show that breast conserving surgeries, coupled with radiation therapy, can be just as effective as mastectomy for eligible candidates. To improve your results, consult with Dr. Rimmer, a surgeon who focuses on breast health care, because he provides the best outpatient breast surgery in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Because a lumpectomy is frequently carried out as an outpatient procedure, the patient is provided with instructions for at home care. If special attention following the surgery is required, or if other procedures are being done at the same time, the patient may stay in a hospital overnight.

Dr. Rimmer and his multidisciplinary team of breast health experts will evaluate and diagnose your breast health concerns from benign breast issues to breast cancer and perform the best outpatient breast surgery in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. If you'd like to find out more about Dr. Rimmer and his team, call (561) 748-1242 and make an appointment for a consultation with the best breast cancer surgeon in Florida.