Whether you're dealing with an abnormal mammogram result, facing benign (non- cancerous) breast conditions have been newly diagnosed or recurrent breast cancer, it's important that you find a medical professional that specializes is breast health. John A.P. Rimmer MD is the leading breast cancer specialist in South Florida, providing world class care to patients by taking advantage of the benefits of advanced technology and research. Dr. Rimmer's multi-disciplinary team of medical professional’s works together to offer their patients with the best breast health care in South Florida.

Together Dr. Rimmer, his staff and his medical team develop individualized, comprehensive treatment plans for each breast cancer patient. Treatment for breast cancer depends on the location, size and stage of the tumor with another consideration being the patient’s overall health. With Dr. Rimmer, the leading breast cancer specialist in South Florida on your health care team, you'll be in highly skilled, compassionate hands.

Preventative Care

Screening tests that include mammography are the current conventional tests for breast cancer. Women at high risk of cancer are given an MRI along with mammography. Diagnostic tests, including biopsy are also prescribed for people who are believed to having breast cancer, either because of a screening test they had or due to symptoms they're experiencing. These tests are also used to determine if the cancer as spread beyond the breast area. In addition, diagnostic tests are utilized to collect more information regarding the patient's specific form of breast cancer which helps guide treatment decisions. Additional diagnostic tools include breast ultrasound, Breast PET mammography and Tomosynthesis or 3D mammograms.


The chief treatment for breast cancer is surgery, which involves the removal of part of, or all of the breast tissue on the affected breast. Dr. Rimmer specializes in all of the latest breast cancer surgical techniques, including lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, total mastectomy or skin sparing mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

To learn more about John A.P. Rimmer MD, the leading breast cancer specialist in South Florida, or to schedule a one on one breast health consultation with him, call 561.748.1242. Once you meet Dr. Rimmer in person, you'll understand how he earned his reputation as being the practice "where Breast Health Technology and Compassion Meet"