Sentinel node biopsy is commonly used to evaluate certain forms cancer, including breast cancer and melanoma to make it possible for the physician to determine whether the cancer cells have spread into the lymphatic system. John A.P. Rimmer MD is the leading sentinel lymph node biopsy specialist in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and when it comes to these kinds of procedures, you want an expert by your side.

About Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

The sentinel nodes are the first lymph nodes that a tumor drains into. During a sentinel node biopsy a tracer substance is injected, helping the surgeon identify the sentinel nodes during surgery. Next, the sentinel nodes are taken out and assessed in a laboratory. If the sentinel nodes are cancer free, then more than likely cancer hasn’t spread and removing other lymph nodes won't be unnecessary. If following the evaluation the sentinel nodes reveal cancer the patient will, in most cases, require further lymph nodes to be removed in order for the to establish how far the cancer has propagated.

If the sentinel node examination doesn't indicate any sign of cancer, no additional lymph node assessment will be needed and at this point Dr. Rimmer will use the information to help establish a comprehensive cancer treatment plan if further treatment is needed.

If you're looking for a sentinel lymph node biopsy specialist in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, you'll find that Dr. Rimmer and his staff are passionate about what they specialize in diseases of the breast and performing sentinel lymph node biopsy. Their continued focus on perfection in every area of their medical practice, from the very first consultation with their patients to the doctor's easy communication skills, surgical and follow up treatment expertise. If you have any questions regarding sentinel lymph node biopsy or any other breast cancer concerns call (561) 748-1242 and schedule a consultation with a doctor you can depend on to be your advocate through every phase of your breast cancer treatment.