John A.P. Rimmer MD, leading breast health care and lymphedema testing specialist in Jupiter, Florida is also known for his compassionate care and innovative breast cancer treatments that include baseline measurements prior to surgery and providing informative resources that help his patients lower the risk of lymphedema.

About Lymphedema

Lymphedema is the swelling that develops in one of the arms or legs (in some cases all limbs can be affected), caused by a lymphatic system (a crucial part of the circulatory and immune systems) blockage. This blockage prevents the lymph fluid from properly draining, causing it to build up, resulting in the swelling. There isn't a cure for lymphedema; however, it can be managed. If Dr. Rimmer, lymphedema testing specialist in Jupiter, finds that you have lymphedema, he'll teach you how to control it.

Lymphedema Causes

Having lymph nodes surgically removed (usually due to breast cancer) or going through radiation therapy increases the chances of developing lymphedema. The condition can occur anywhere between a few weeks following surgery or radiation treatments or 15 to 20 years following either procedure. In the beginning, lymphedema usually shows up through moderate swelling and during this early stage, raising the afflicted limb can help the swelling go down but it will typically start to swell again. Dr. Rimmer, lymphedema testing specialist in Jupiter has the years of experience and expertise that can help his patients avoid the effects of the condition. Common treatment options include using compression sleeves or bandages and light aerobic exercise can also help. The goal of lymphedema treatment is to control swelling and various other issues that may be caused by the condition.

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