Finding out you have breast cancer can be life altering; fortunately survival rates are high today thanks to state of the art detection and treatment options. That being said, the most important thing you can do at this point is to get the best possible treatment, including advanced breast cancer detection with ultrasound in Jupiter, Florida. Even more important, you need to choose the right doctor. If you live in the Jupiter area, that doctor should be John A.P. Rimmer, MD.

Dr. Rimmer has built his renowned reputation around his years of successful, results driven surgical expertise, compassionate care, easy communication skills and the latest, groundbreaking breast health technologies he offers including his ultrasound detection strategies.

About Breast Ultrasound

Advanced breast cancer detection with ultrasound in Jupiter is used in a number of procedures, including determining whether a lump is a solid mass which may be cancerous or a cyst which is a sac that contains fluid which is withdrawn using a needle and syringe (referred to as aspiration). If during the procedure clear fluid is extracted and the mass disappears, no further evaluation or treatment is required.

Advanced breast cancer ultrasound detections are also used to accurately identify the location of an acknowledged tumor to help guide the surgeon during an aspiration or a biopsy procedure. Ultrasound also helps verify the correct needle placement. Ultrasound screening transmits high frequency sound waves through the breast, which bounce off of surfaces in the breast including tissue, fluid and air and the "sounds/echoes' are then recorded and converted into photographic or video images which are reviewed by the physician.

Side Effect Free

Studies have shown that breast ultrasound is perfectly safe with no detrimental side effects and there's no special preparation involved either.

Dr. Rimmer offers advanced breast cancer detection with ultrasound in Jupiter, Florida as well as mammograms and a wide range of minimally invasive diagnostic procedures. Call (561) 748-1242 today to schedule a consultation with Jupiter's leading breast cancer specialist who is known for his highly skilled, innovative, personalized care.