A breast cancer diagnosis and facing surgery can be a scary, life changing event but having an experienced and caring general surgeon as your personal advocate can definitely make the process easier to handle. Dr. John A. P. Rimmer gives you options for the best breast cancer surgery in Jupiter, Florida and will help you and your family make a more informed treatment decision. Read on to learn more about breast cancer surgery because understanding the process will provide you with a sense of relief because the unknown can be even more distressing.

About Breast Cancer Surgery

Surgery is used to diagnose and come up with a plan to further treat breast cancer and to manage cancer related symptoms. When it comes to breast cancer surgery in Jupiter, Florida, Dr. Rimmer has performed thousands of these surgeries so you can rest assured that he has in depth knowledge of the surgical options available to you for your specific treatment needs.

Whether a patient is a good candidate for surgery or not is dependent on variables that include the type of tumor, its size, location, grade and the stage as well as overall health factors that include physical fitness, age and any other coexisting medical problems the patient might have.

For the majority of women with breast cancer, surgery is part of the overall treatment process and Dr. Rimmer and his highly skilled team of medical professionals have years of experience performing surgical treatments for all forms of breast cancer and inflammatory disease. In addition, the Doctor's breast cancer surgery in Jupiter's expertise includes treating advanced breast tumors that relate to the chest wall.

In most cases, treating breast cancer includes a combination of surgery and other cancer treatments that include hormone or radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. In addition, Dr. Rimmer performs palliative surgeries in an effort to reduce and even eliminate pain, increasing his patient's comfort level. He also provides reconstructive surgical options when necessary to help restore the body's appearance at the time of surgery or after.

If you're facing breast cancer surgery in Jupiter, Florida, call 561.748.1242 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rimmer. His practice has been referred to as the place where "Breast Health Technology and Compassion Meet" and you'll understand how true this statement is once you meet with him and his welcoming staff.