Lymphedema is a medical condition that causes swelling (referred to as edema) because of an abnormal deposition of protein rich lymph fluid between cells in the body, generally in the arms or legs. Dr Rimmer's office provides lymphedema testing in Jupiter, Florida for their patients that are facing breast cancer surgical procedures. Dr. Rimmer uses advanced lymphedema testing to help his patients win the fight against the condition through early detection.

Risk Factors for Lymphedema Include

  •     Radiation therapy
  •     Modified radical mastectomy
  •     The surgical removal of lymph nodes
  •     Radiation therapy
  •     Overuse of the affected limb
  •     A Body Mass Index of over 25

In addition to a wide range of special programs for lymphedema prevention, treatment and management, Dr. Rimmer's lymphedema testing in Jupiter include using baseline measurements prior to surgery to provide his patients with innovative resources that help reduce their risk of suffering from the condition.

While to date, there isn't an actual cure for lymphedema, there are management and treatment options that include

  •     Losing weight loss
  •     Compression pump therapy
  •     Oncology rehabilitation therapy involving massage, gentle range of motion exercise and other techniques that can be used at home, stimulating the lymphatic system
  •     Compression garments (special bandaging) which helps reduce limb size, prevents fluid from re-accumulating and decreases hardening
  •     Laser therapy, which can be effective in reducing hardening of the limb, increasing scar mobility and range of motion, all assisting in the improvement of lymph drainage

Determining your risk for getting lymphedema is essential for early detection and prevention. Dr. Rimmer and his team of medical professionals, specializing in breast health care and lymphedema, keep a close eye on patients who are at risk of the disease and uses lymphedema testing in Jupiter to detect the condition in the early stages when it's, in most cases, treatable. If the cause of the lymphedema isn't obvious, Dr. Rimmer may decide to order imaging tests to determine what's causing your signs and symptoms. He may decide to perform a sentinel lymph node biopsy before performing surgery to decide which lymph nodes need to be removed, retaining the remaining lymph nodes located in the axilla.

If you need lymphedema testing in Jupiter, Florida call Dr. John Rimmer's office for a consultation today at (561) 748-1242. The doctor and his welcoming staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and address all your concerns, stress free.