There are a number of different types of surgical procedures that are used to treat breast cancer and Dr. Rimmer, whose practice is in Jupiter, Florida, has years of experience performing them all in addition all the latest comprehensive breast care treatments. This makes him the perfect choice for breast surgery in Jupiter.


There are several types of mastectomy procedures, including total or simple mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical and quadrantectomy mastectomy and partial or segmental mastectomy, the nipple/areola sparing mastectomy along with reconstruction. Dr. Rimmer has years of experience performing each procedure and will be able to determine which one would properly treat your specific breast cancer concerns.

Lumpectomy or Wide Excision

This is the removal of the breast cancer tumor and a small area of surrounding breast tissue that can be performed along with oncoplastic surgery (oncological and plastic surgery planning) for optimum cosmetic results.

Excisional Biopsy

This procedure also removes the breast cancer tumor and surrounding perimeter or normal breast tissue. In some cases, additional surgery isn't needed if the excisional biopsy effectively removed the whole breast cancer tumor; this is usually in cases where the tumor is very small. If you have any questions regarding breast surgery in Jupiter, Florida and the information listed in this article, feel free to call Dr. Rimmer's office.

Axillary Node Dissection

This procedure is the surgical removal of the axillary (in the armpit) lymph nodes, usually performed on patients who are dealing with invasive cancers. A radical or modified radical mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure frequently includes axillary node dissection which involves an independent incision for lumpectomy patients. Following surgery, the axillary lymph nodes are analyzed under a microscope to ascertain whether or not the cancer has spread beyond the breast and to evaluate all the treatment options.

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