A lot general surgeons treat breast cancer; however, you'll find that most don't specialize in it and in many cases, don't perform more than a handful of breast cancer related surgeries a year. If you're looking for a breast cancer Dr. in Jupiter, Florida with years of focused experience, consider seeing John A.P. Rimmer M.D., whose practice is referred to as a place "Where Breast Health and Compassion Meet"

Dr. Rimmer's practice focuses on breast diseases and is highly trained in all the latest, innovative, diagnostic treatments that include minimally invasive options. The office also provides comprehensive screening and support services and are known for their expertise. The doctor's professional background includes the fact that he has had years fellowship training, is board certified in general surgery, attended King’s College Hospital Medical School in London, was a chief resident at Stanford University Medical Center, is a member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, General Surgeons and Laparoendoscopic Surgeons and a member of the Palm Beach Medical Society. The doctor is also on several committees, including the renowned Kristin Hoke Breast Health Program. If you're looking for a breast cancer surgeon in Jupiter, Florida, doesn't it make sense to consult with a physician who has a history of this kind of focused experience?

Comprehensive breast services available at Dr. Rimmer's office include ultrasound guided biopsy, breast ultrasound, Mammosite or Savi (Breast Brachytherapy device placement), cyst aspirations, L-Dex (lymphedema) and other progressive breast cancer surgeries. The doctor's practice is committed to providing the highest quality care, treatment, follow up care and support.

Along with his highly trained office staff, Dr. Rimmer works with other highly trained medical professionals. This includes anesthesiologists for anesthesia management that together with all the most up to date post-surgical procedures, lessens the nausea and vomiting that is a common side effect of some of the treatments breast cancer patients are required to have, particularly patients that undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures.

If you're looking for a top rated breast cancer Dr. in Jupiter, Florida, call (561) 748-1242 and request an appointment for a consultation. Once you meet Dr. Rimmer, you'll immediately see that he is passionate about preventive care and is committed to providing his patients with compassionate, comprehensive breast care.