Dr. John A.P. Rimmer, the leading mastectomy surgeon in Jupiter, Florida and his team of professionals are dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate care with their mission being to provide comprehensive, state of the art breast cancer therapy, surgical plan and follow up care. Dr. Rimmer believes that knowledge is power as is freedom of choice. Following is some information regarding the different mastectomy treatment options which will depend on the diagnosis.

What is Mastectomy

Mastectomy is the surgical procedure that removes the entire breast. In some cases, the patient has the option of either mastectomy or lumpectomy (aka breast conserving surgery) along with radiation. Mastectomy is an option for all women (and men) that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, including those who have early breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, locally advanced breast cancer or Ductal carcinoma in situ, referred to as DCIS. Mastectomy is also performed if the breast cancer has returned after having a lumpectomy. In some cases, women who are at high risk of getting breast cancer decide to have a mastectomy in order to prevent it. Dr. John A.P. Rimmer, mastectomy surgeon in Jupiter, Florida, focuses on diseases of the breast so he has the years of the experience and expertise you would expect from a surgeon as highly esteemed as he is.

There are two common categories of mastectomy, modified radical and total (simple). Dr. Rimmer's diagnosis will guide which type of mastectomy you'll have.

Total/Simple Mastectomy

This form of mastectomy removes the entire breast as well as the lining of the chest muscle and the remaining breast skin may be left undamaged for breast reconstruction. Depending on the breast cancer, the lymph nodes may not be removed and a sentinel node biopsy might be performed.

Modified Radical Mastectomy

This mastectomy removes the whole breast, including lymph nodes (auxiliary nodes) in the armpit area and the lining of the chest muscles.

Skin Sparing Procedures

If the patient is planning on having breast reconstruction performed at the same time as their mastectomy, the surgeon uses a skin sparing procedure, and in some cases a nipple sparing procedure as well. A mastectomy involving skin sparing uses the skin that encompasses the breast to help shape the area for the reconstructed breast. The nipple sparing mastectomy retains the nipple along with the areola.

The exact treatment for breast cancer differs from person to person. Dr. John A.P. Rimmer, the leading mastectomy surgeon in Jupiter, Florida will come up with treatment guidelines based on your specific diagnosis, ensuring the highest quality care. Call (561) 748-1242 today to make an appointment for a one on one consultation with a surgeon who is known for his compassionate, experienced, personalized care.