John A. P. Rimmer, breast cancer doctor in Jupiter, Florida and his staff of professionals combine the medical expertise with advanced technology, the kind of experience you would expect for the best breast cancer treatment providers in Florida. Many of their patients stay close to home during treatment and those that live in the Jupiter area are happy that they don't have to travel away to receive the best available cancer care. The doctor's combination of years of experience and knowledge, along with his caring bedside manner, has played a part in the fact that his office has been referred to as "the place where breast health and compassion meet".

How Dr. Rimmer responds to a breast cancer diagnosis provides a reason for hope. Let's face it, no one wants to find out that they have cancer, but once you do, you have to deal with the inevitable and Dr. Rimmer and his compassionate staff will make this trying situation easier to handle. Not only will he consult with you in a way that you'll clearly understand, he'll do it in such a way that you'll feel completely at ease with his suggestions for treatment. As a surgeon, he's not only considerate of your needs and highly skilled; he is also committed to being there for your loved ones.

The superior quality and experience of their comprehensive cancer care team and their partnership with the Jupiter Medical Center gives patients the help they need and access all the latest, innovative treatments including early diagnosis, genetic screening, latest research protocols, surgical procedures and follow up care.

At Dr. Rimmer's office not only will you have access to all the latest, state of the art breast cancer treatments, you'll find our entire staff to be truly caring and compassionate. If you're looking for the best breast cancer doctor in Jupiter, Florida, call 561.748.1242 and make an appointment for a consultation. We know you'll come to think of Dr. Rimmer and his staff as part of your family and while fear may be a natural response to cancer, hope is a better one and when you become a patient of Dr. Rimmer's that's what you'll experience; HOPE.