When it comes to choosing a top rated general surgeon you'll need to start by getting a referral from your primary care physician, asking them for a list of prospective general surgeons that specialize in the kind of care you need. You'll also want to review their credentials and set up a face to face consultation with them before you make your final decision. Following are several potential sources for you to consider when it comes to choosing a top rated general surgeon in the Delray Beach, Florida area.

Referrals and Research

Primary care physicians refer their patients to a general surgeon and most health care plans let their patients to choose their own as well. In many cases you can also view profile pages about doctors and surgeons on their medical facility websites that also list their credentials. Another great place for research, and confirm the status of their certification is the American Board of Medical Specialties. Valuable information about a general surgeon's specialty, license, background and other facts can be found through the Florida State’s medical board as well. In addition, ask if they have any specific fellowships; this will signify a higher degree of specialization.

Interviewing General Surgeons

Once you have narrowed down your list and found a top rate general surgeon in the Delray Beach area that you're ready to interview, make sure they have a lot of experience treating your specific medical problem. For example, if you have breast cancer and need surgery, it only makes sense that you choose a general surgeon that is highly qualified to treat it and has access to all the latest procedures. In addition, ask the general surgeon about their specific post operative and follow up care.

Choosing a top rated general surgeon in the Delray Beach area should be a decision that's a combination of the surgeon's accreditation and experience as well as the way you feel about them after the interview. If you are dealing with breast health or skin disease issues and live in the Delray Beach area, consider John A. P. Rimmer M.D., P.A. Not only is Dr. Rimmer board certified, he is known for his specialist knowledge in treating diseases of the breast and benign or malignant skin lesions. The doctor and his knowledgeable staff provide a calming and accommodating environment where they empower their patients through education, freedom of choices and personalized treatment plans. Call Dr. Rimmer's office today at (561) 748-1242 and set up a consultation with Florida's leading general surgeon whose experienced care focuses on diseases of the breast.