Dealing with breast cancer is a scary experience, filled with unknowns which is why it's important to choose a general surgeon that specializes in diseases of the breast and skin. Dr. Rimmer is a melanoma excision specialist near Delray Beach, Florida who uses all of the latest diagnostic solutions that include advanced imaging, to assess cancer. Dr. Rimmer will work with you to establish a personalized, thorough treatment approach that you'll be comfortable with.

About Melanoma Excision

Treatment for melanoma is typically surgery and at times lymph nodes are also removed during the excision to examine them for cancer. Surgery can also be done to remove any lymph nodes that are cancerous or to remove tumors that have spread to other areas of the body.

Drawing on his years of experience and extensive training, Dr, Rimmer can quickly detect lesions that are cause for concern and carefully examine them. If the lesion ends up being malignant, the doctor will come up with an appropriate treatment plan, primarily based on the type of cancer, its shape, size and location. Part of the process also includes studying your health, and medical history to make sure that you are provided with the safest, best possible care.

A melanoma excision removes the melanoma as well as a small border of normal looking skin. The actual width of the border removed depends on the depth of the melanoma and in some cases more tissue (fat and skin) is also removed from underneath the melanoma. The thought of having surgery of any kind, especially one as important as this, can be overwhelming but when your surgeon is Dr. Rimmer, Melanoma excision specialist near Delray Beach, Florida, the whole experience will be easier to handle thanks to his compassionate care and years of highly skilled expertise in breast and skin diseases.

One of the many reasons Dr. Rimmer has gained the title of the top melanoma excision specialist in Delay Beach, Florida is that he is easy to communicate with so you'll be totally aware of what to expect before and after surgery. The good news is that most people who are faced with skin cancer that's caught early on will go on to live long, full lives. Put yourself in the experienced hands of John A.P. Rimmer, M.D. today by calling (561) 529-4667 and schedule your one on one consultation; it could end up being the best decision you’ve ever made.