Lumpectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a suspect area from the breast and assess it for malignancy. Understandably, if you've been told you need to have the procedure, you have a lot questions about what to expect. John A. P. Rimmer M.D., P.A., a highly rated Lumpectomy specialist near Delray Beach, Florida can answer all your questions and provide you with the special attention and compassionate care you deserve. It is the doctor's mission to provide his patients the highest level of care, including a highly effective, state of the art surgical and follow up therapy plan.

More About Lumpectomy

A lumpectomy, one of the breast conservation surgeries, enables a woman to keep her breast, it's a procedure that consists of the selective removal of a tumor in the breast.

In some cases, preceding the lumpectomy, a radiologist may conduct an ultrasound, placing a small wire into the area of the tumor which will allow the surgeon to find and remove the tumor more efficiently. Some situations call for chemotherapy prior surgery to reduce the size of the tumor to make breast conservation possible. Radiation therapy is sometimes performed as well during and/or following the lumpectomy to help prevent a recurrence. In some situations, women can be candidates for intraoperative radiation therapy which limits the number of radiation treatments required after surgery.

During the lumpectomy, Dr. Rimmer, lumpectomy specialist near Delray Beach, Florida, will work directly with the pathologist to evaluate the tissue and verify the cancer is completely removed. Depending on your specific situation, he may also perform oncoplastic surgery, a progressive procedure that uses innovative techniques to remove the breast tumor and reshape the breast in one surgery.

Throughout the process, Dr. Rimmer's care team will provide integrative oncology solutions including pain management, nutritional therapy, oncology rehabilitation and more. . These therapies can play a big part in improving quality of life and help reduce side effects.

Dr. Rimmer, the top lumpectomy specialist near Delray Beach, Florida always goes all the way for his patients, doing everything he can to make this very trying experience more tolerable. He and his staff have managed to create a calm and supportive environment for their patients, which have led to their being call the "place where breast health technology and compassion meet". Call (561) 748-1242 today to set an appointment for a personalized consultation and put yourself in his highly skilled hands.