If you're looking for a breast surgery specialist in Delray Beach, Florida, who is not only a highly skilled general surgeon, but focuses on diseases of the breast, you should consider Dr. Rimmer. The doctor is known for his surgical skills, state of the art procedures, delicate touch, and the ability to connect with his patients.

Our practice focuses on diseases of the breast including address nipple discharge, redness and breast pain and addressing malignant and benign skin lesions as well. Dr. Rimmer performs thorough breast exams, ultrasounds and more in the comfort of his office, offering a full array of minimally invasive diagnostic procedures, many that can be performed on-site.

Dr Rimmer, the leading breast surgery specialist in Delray Beach provides his patients with innovative breast treatment plans using the latest diagnostic tools and surgical management procedures including but not limited to the following.

Aspiration Procedures

Utilizing the precise guidance of ultrasound, an extremely thin needle affixed to a syringe is used to aspirate (withdraw) a small amount of tissue or fluid from the suspect area. The tissue or fluid will then be tested for cancerous cells using microscopic analysis. A cyst aspiration withdraws fluid which is also sent in for microscopic analysis to rule out any cancer cells. Lymph node aspiration, also very similar to the fine needle aspiration; confirms lymphoma or the spread of breast cancer to the lymphatic system.

Ultrasound Biopsies

Biopsies are conducted in order to establish if a breast mass is malignant. While an ultrasound or mammogram can discover a suspect area, only a biopsy can identify cancer in tissue. Commonly performed biopsies include ultrasound guided needle core biopsy and incisional excisional biopsy which are carried out surgically.

Partial Breast Radiation

This radiation treatment targets a specific area of the breast that's at the most risk for recurrence, reducing radiation exposure to any healthy tissue. Lymphedema testing (L-Dex) is a measurement technique that's used to help assess swelling in only one arm (unilateral lymphedema).

Dr. Rimmer's continued quest for perfection, surgical skills and his easy to communicate with style, has help him earn the reputation of being the leading breast surgery specialist in Delray Beach, Florida. Call (561) 748-1242 with any questions you have or to make an appointment for a one on one consultation with Dr. Rimmer and find out why his office has been referred to as the place "where breast health technology and compassion meet".