Advancements in radiation therapy technology have seen the size of the equipment drop significantly while the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatments continue to improve. The IntraOp Mobetron is no exception. Today, the Mobetron IOERT is one of the most effective ways to provide radiation therapy, which is why Florida's leading breast disease specialist, Dr. John A. Rimmer provides the state of the art Mobetron radiation treatments for breast Cancer in Jupiter, Florida.

About Mobetron Radiation Treatments

One of the primary advantages of Mobetron is the fact that it's lightweight and small enough to fit into existing operating rooms, allowing the surgeon and radiation oncologist to work together more closely in regards to planning the appropriate treatment. Together, both of the physicians can view the tumor bed and the surrounding area first hand, making any necessary modifications in real time. Another benefit of the Mobetron is that its small size also means the patient doesn't need to be transported between operating rooms, which means faster radiation delivery and better results. The principle diseases treated with Mobetron include breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer, rectal cancer and sarcomas.

The benefits of using state of the art Mobetron radiation treatments for breast cancer in Jupiter, Florida to deliver single dose radiation therapy are impressive as well. Single dose radiation therapy allows surgical and radiation oncologists to see the precise area where they need to apply radiation and immediately provide high doses directly to the affected tissue where residual tumor cells can be the most vulnerable. These radiation treatments are also more convenient for patients because all of the radiation that is required to control the cancer is carried out at the same time as the surgery.

Single dose Mobetron Radiation also results in a significantly lower dose to the healthy tissues as well and there's a complete sparing of radiation to the skin meaning improved cosmetic results. In addition, single dose radiation treatments reduce the overall treatment time with the end result being a faster recovery time. Single dose treatments also improve the chances for oncoplastic reconstruction in cases of lumpectomy, which makes breast reconstruction a possible alternative to mastectomy for some breast cancer patients.

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