Dr. John A.P. Rimmer and his team of professionals are dedicated to providing their patients with highly skilled, compassionate and optimistic care. Our practice focuses on diseases of the breast and besides state of the art surgical procedures, we offer an extensive variety of minimally invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures. We also specialize in lymphedema testing in Delray Beach, Florida.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system, which includes a comprehensive network of lymph nodes and lymph vessels, helps manage the immune system’s function, ensuring that it protects the body from foreign substances. Lymph nodes work as filters to remove harmful substances that include bacteria and debris from the lymph fluid. The fluid from most organs and tissues is filtered through one or more of the lymph nodes before being drained into the bloodstream.

Lymphedema occurs when an abnormal buildup of fluid triggers swelling, usually in the arms or legs and is often a side effect of breast cancer treatment. The condition is caused when lymph vessels or nodes are impaired, damaged, missing or removed, leading to painful swelling and a limitation in function. Dr. Rimmer's office specializes in Lymphedema testing in Delray Beach and he will ensure that you understand the condition, the best ways to treat and manage it. Procedures that may cause lymphedema to develop include:

  • Lumpectomy combined with removing axillary lymph node
  • Radiation to a lymph node region
  • Modified radical mastectomy and axillary lymph node removal
  • Simple mastectomy and axillary lymph node removal in the armpit area
  • Cancer surgery combined with radiation therapy to a lymph node area, including the armpit, neck, abdomen, groin and pelvis

After careful lymphatic testing in Delray Beach, a series of treatments/sessions will begin that include the following.

  • A gentle massage-like technique is used to induce the appropriate flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Specifically designed compression bandages applied to the affected limb
  • An exercise program precisely developed to help reduce swelling
  • You'll be taught a skin care regimen that will help control lymphedema and prevent infection
  • A compression stocking or sleeve will be custom fitted for you, and it needs to be worn every day to sustain the appropriate size of the limb that is affected
  • It will more than likely be suggested that you maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition

If you're in need of lymphedema testing in Delray Beach, call Dr. John Rimmer's office today at (561) 748-1242(561) and arrange a consultation with a doctor whose practice focuses on providing comprehensive, state of the art medical care in a compassionate and communicative environment.