Early detection is a crucial factor when it comes to breast cancer treatment success. The three methods commonly used for early detection are self breast exams, clinical breast exams and mammogram. John A.P. Rimmer MD's practice focuses on diseases of the breast and offers all the latest, state of the art procedures and exams including gentle breast exams in the Delray Beach, Florida area because early detection is something he's passionate about.

It is recommended that women have a clinical breast exam, starting at the age of 20, every 3 years. When you meet with Dr. Rimmer, bring a list of all of your questions and concerns regarding breast health care. Examples would be to ask how often you should have a clinical breast exam and if you don't know how to already, ask him about the proper way to do a self exam and what to look for.

If you are at high risk of developing breast cancer, ask about mammograms and other screening tests like MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging). Besides gentle breast exams in the Delray Beach, Florida area, Dr. Rimmer has access to all the latest technologies, both non-invasive and invasive.

The American Cancer Society recommends that most women begin breast cancer screening at age 40 followed by a mammogram every year. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force advises that women start screening at age 50, followed by a mammogram every 2 years until age 74. If you're 75 or older, ask Dr. Rimmer if a mammography should still be a part of your breast health plan.

The Importance of a Mammogram

A mammogram is an X-Ray screening of the breast that can, in most cases, find tumors that are too small for you (self exam), or your doctor (during a clinical exam) to feel. A mammogram is the most effective way to identify breast cancer.

Clinical Breast Exam

During a clinical breast exam, the doctor gently feels the breasts and underarm areas to check for unusual changes and lumps. In addition, it's important that you make it a habit to do frequent self exams so that you are familiar with what your breasts normally look and feel like; this will make it easier to spot changes. If you notice any differences, make a doctor's appointment right away.

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