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About the Lumpectomy Procedure

A Lumpectomy, also referred to as a partial mastectomy and a form of breast preservation therapy, is a surgical procedure that just removes the tumor and some of the tissue surrounding it. After the lumpectomy, any tissue removed is analyzed to find out if any cancer cells are present in the normal tissue that bordered the tumor. If cancer cells are diagnosed in the edges that extend out to the outer edges of the breast tissue that the general surgeon removed, additional surgery will be required (re-excision), to remove any remaining cancer.

Following the surgery, Dr. Rimmer, lumpectomy specialist near Boca Raton, Florida, will stay in touch and the hospital staff will continue to monitor your body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. In the majority of cases an overnight hospital stay isn't necessary unless lymph nodes are also being removed.

In most cases, Lumpectomy patients receive 5 to 7 weeks of radiation therapy to wipe out any cancer cells that may still be present in the remaining breast tissue. If chemotherapy is also required, the radiation therapy will be performed after the chemotherapy.

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